You are in the middle of nowhere, but keep going!

You are in the middle of nowhere, but keep going!
I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning a trip, I devour research. I read every review available, whether it’s for a cruise, a 5-star hotel or a campground. I want to know everything there is to know about a place before I go. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s not. On this trip to Virginia Landing Campground, it was useful, but I didn’t quite trust my memory.
After driving down a very long narrow road through a small town called Quinby, my GPS said, “you have arrived at your destination,” but my destination was nowhere in sight. That’s when I vaguely recalled one review that said just keep going even though GPS says not too. Despite that recollection, we turned around, and it wasn’t until we saw a small sign pointing back the way we had first gone that we realized what happened.
Despite that little roadblock, Virginia Landing did not disappoint. We arrived to find the place nearly empty. We picked a beautiful site among some really tall pine trees right on the water. The kids had the run of the campground.
The first day was gorgeous and we made the most of it! It wasn’t warm enough to go clamming, but we found tons of clam and mussel shells all over the ground. The kids had fun dancing and adventure hunting.
Each site had its own grill, so we made burgers, put together a salad and made marshmallow treats!
Friends also decided to join us at the last minute and stayed in cabins nearby. They weren’t the newest structures, but they had everything you would need including plates, a coffee maker and cups. The view alone was worth it! The screened in porch would be a welcome respite once mosquitoes move in this summer.
It rained for most of the second day, so we decided to drive up to Wachapreague and have lunch at the Island House restaurant. It’s a really beautiful spot on the water and the food was delicious. The blackened fish tacos were a hit! Joel was excited to see some great craft beer on tap.
The sun came out again on our last day and we enjoyed this awesome pirate ship playground. There was also a nearby pool on the water, but it wasn’t open yet. I bet it’s a busy spot in the summer.

Overall, we had a great time and I’d be interested to see what this place was like in the summer. It was so quiet and desolate, it’s hard to imagine it being busy. I bet it was like Dirty Dancing in its heyday!

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