Camping on the Beach at Fort Monroe

Mental note… when planning a camping trip to the beach, try to do it during the summer! My husband and I discovered the campground on Fort Monroe in Hampton a few years back. It’s called The Colonies and it’s just steps away from a small beach on the Chesapeake Bay. Each site is named after one of the original 13 colonies, but it also has a more basic section in a field called New France. It’s hard to believe, but even in March, with temperatures near 35 degrees, the colony section was completely full! We were able to get a spot in New France with a nice view of the water.

Despite the biting wind and quickly setting sun, we made our way to check out the water! Millie jumped around in the sand, enjoying every minute (I could only stand about 5 minutes) but it was pretty.
It was a very quiet and well-maintained campground. We spent the next morning checking out three different playgrounds nearby. While they weren’t new and some were a bit declining in health, many of them were well built. Joel believes they may have been built by the Army when this was a fully functioning post. Millie loved climbing along this dinosaur, but probably because it almost gave me a heart attack.
One of the biggest draws for my husband was the brewery, just a short bike ride away. Oozlefinch is one of the better local breweries with family entertainment. There’s a big field outside and kids are always running around playing games. On this Saturday before Easter, a local pottery studio was in and kids were able to paint clay Easter eggs. The kids and I really enjoyed it. Joel enjoyed the beer! They also had a tasty food truck out and I hear they usually do on the weekends.
That night we made a campfire and made a really fun treat: waffle cone s’mores! I took the cones and filled them with chocolate chips, marshmallows and smashed cookies. Then I wrapped them in foil and put them right on the grill! Super good and slightly less messy! 
That night we also made blueberry muffins in orange peels to have for breakfast! They were a big hit!
After we ate our muffins on Sunday morning, we were officially cold and ready to head home! Thank goodness for iPads… that device saved my life while trying to pack up with two little kids!

All in all- this was an awesome place to camp and we are already planning a return visit during warmer months!

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