Family Fun at New Point RV Resort

After we bought our camper we knew we wanted to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend, but it was March, and everywhere we called was already booked! 

We had a friend with a place in Mathews County, Va., and remembered a small campground on a beach nearby. We called the New Point RV Resort and scored big time! They had a beachfront spot open and let me tell you, we were the envy of every person there! The view from inside the camper was unreal! 

We were parked right next to the beach access and the employees were kind enough to use a tractor to help us get into our spot. It was tight, but being in the front spot made all the difference! 

The beach was amazing! It was super shallow there on the Mobjack Bay so the water was calm and the tide went out pretty far. It was knee deep as far as you could see. Perfect for kiddos! They didn’t want to leave.

The campground also had a pool and playground, but both were pretty crowded. Despite that, the kids loved both.

I would say about three quarters of the campers there had year-round spots, but honestly, it seemed like they were all family. Everyone was very friendly… it almost felt everyone knew each other. That said, one warning: the golf carts are a plenty and at night they take over the walkways! 

We made use of the awesome farmers market wagon and bought fresh vegetables to grill every night! This trip did make us realize that we need to upgrade our grill… more on that in our next post! 

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