Steak bites

We love a good steak on the grill, but when you are camping, it can be hard to cut a steak on paper plates or with dull knives. For that reason we decided to give steak bites a try and we haven’t gone back. When you cut the steak into cubes you can get that … More Steak bites

Long-Weekend Meal Planner

We do a lot of long-weekend camping and while it’s only a few days, we still like to mix it up with the food. This meal planner was made specifically for a beach trip with great local seafood, but if that isn’t available where you are going, you could always bring frozen shrimp and make … More Long-Weekend Meal Planner

French Toast Casserole

I started making this french toast for Christmas morning breakfast, but it’s so easy that I now make it whenever I have leftover french bread that’s about to go stale. It’s inspired by a Pioneer Woman recipe, but I change things up every time. For camping, I like to make it ahead and freeze in … More French Toast Casserole

Fish Tacos

Every time we go to the beach, we look forward to the fresh fish we can find at local seafood markets. And of course, if you have the skills, you can catch the fish yourself! For this trip we were in the Outer Banks, so we opted for fresh caught Mahi and Tuna. We also … More Fish Tacos

Shrimp Salad

 I started making this shrimp salad more than a decade ago. I found a variation of it in a magazine and started adding and removing things to make it to our taste and we finally have the perfect recipe. It’s cool and refreshing and perfect for a summer lunch.  Ingredients: 1 lb. of shrimp chopped … More Shrimp Salad

Egg and Sausage Roll-ups

This idea was so simple that I couldn’t resist trying it. We love anything in a tortilla!  Ingredients: Four eggs 1 cup shredded cheese Four tortillas  Half a tube of sausage (we cooked the second half at the same time for breakfast the next day) Cook the sausage and break it up like you would … More Egg and Sausage Roll-ups

Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

When we are camping on the beach we always take advantage of the local seafood! Shrimp is one of our favorites and the easiest way to make it while camping is in individual shrimp boil packages. It’s easy cleanup and you don’t even need a plate!  Ingredients: 2 lbs. of shrimp per four people 1/2 … More Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Pancake and Bacon Sticks

My husband loves breakfast and I’m always looking for new recipes to make. I saw this idea on pinterest and had to give it a try!  Ingredients: Pancake mix (and whatever your box recommends) Bacon Syrup First thing you have to do is cook up the bacon. We make ours on a flat top grill. … More Pancake and Bacon Sticks

Strawberry Daiquiri

It’s officially strawberry season and I was looking for new ways to use all of our fresh berries when the thought of a strawberry daiquiri came to mind. We are always try to plan a few fun drinks during our summer trips so I thought I would test a few recipes in my ninja bullet … More Strawberry Daiquiri

Camping Meal Planner #1

When we go camping on longer trips we like to make a meal plan. If we don’t, we inevitably forget something or eat out more than we should. I’m all about efficiency, so I try to choose meals that we can have leftovers for lunch or that can be turned into a new meal. I … More Camping Meal Planner #1


I love leftover meals and this is one of the best. Ingredients: 6 flour tortillas Fajita leftovers (chicken strips, red and green bell peppers, onions 1 ½ cup shredded cheese Start by reheating your leftover fajitas on the grill. You don’t want to put them in the tortilla cold because they won’t get warmed up … More Quesadillas

Chicken Fajitas

Nothing smells better at a campsite than fajitas on a flat-top grill. The smell is intoxicating and I promise at least one person will come by and ask what you’re cooking. To make it even easier, I prep all of the ingredients ahead of time and freeze flat in a Ziploc. I can’t stress how … More Chicken Fajitas

Stromboli & Pizza

Pizza is a fun camping meal for the entire family. We make them on the flat-top grill, but you could also use a cast iron pan. We buy pre-made crusts and create a topping bar for everyone to add their favorites. You could also use a frozen pizza and do the same. Recently, we had … More Stromboli & Pizza

Italian pasta salad

This easy pasta salad is perfect for a party or a picnic. I pre-cook the pasta for this salad the day before we leave. I hate doing dishes in the camper and I can give the kids butter pasta on the days they don’t want to eat what we’re eating. Ingredients: Penne pasta ½ cup … More Italian pasta salad

Cinnamon bun pancakes

We are always looking for new breakfast ideas and this one came courtesy of my husband. He saw a similar idea and wanted to give it a try. They came out great and now they are in the regular rotation. Ingredients: 1 tube of cinnamon rolls This really couldn’t be easier. Pop the tube of … More Cinnamon bun pancakes

Sugar-Cinnamon donuts

I generally don’t deep fry anything, but all the rules are off when camping and these donuts are the perfect treat!  Ingredients:  1 can of biscuits  3 tbs. sugar  1 tbs. cinnamon (I use the Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus)  3-4 cups of vegetable or canola oil  Heat the oil to 350 in a cast iron … More Sugar-Cinnamon donuts