Camper Hack: Make the most of your space

It only took a few minutes to realize that we needed additional systems to make the most of our space, but it took about a year to find the best ways to utilize every square inch. Clothing… this particular model doesn’t have much cabinet or closet storage. During our first few trips I stored the kids’ clothes in a bin under the bunks, but it was definitely cumbersome to pull it out and put it back again, all while fighting with whatever my husband had stored under there.

When I took the time to really examine what space was available, I realized that the ends of the bunks were basically wasted space.

We purchased these stackable drawer/bins to put at the end of each bed. They are held in place with a bungee cord when in route. I wasn’t initially going to get one this big, but when I realized we could probably store toys and shoes, I was all in!

On our first trip we decided to store our clothes under the main bed. That got old very quickly. With all the sheets, blankets, pillows and mattress pads, it’s not fun to open and clothes the storage area several times each day.

We also tried putting some clothes in the area behind the head of the bed, but every time we went under the bed the clothes would get knocked underneath.

The only area left was above the bed, but we only had one cabinet available and it was so hard to find anything. We decided to try a 6-inch kitchen shelf, just to make it possible to pull some things from the bottom without causing everything else to tumble over. We really like Honey-Can-Do shelf because it’s expandable.

We also used those kitchen shelves in the cabinet above the sink to fit additional dishes. Why have one shelf when you can have two? It also makes things much easier to find.

Earlier I mentioned that we only had one cabinet above the bed available; that’s because we were using the second one for food storage. When I was cleaning the camper out for our first trip this spring, I realized there was a ton of un-utilized space under the sink.

There was plenty of room for the food it would just be a matter of being able to easily access it. I didn’t want to have to go under the sink searching for a box of pancake mix every morning, so I started doing some research.

I looked at shelves, baskets, stands with parts that could be moved around the plumbing, but I kept going back to this Household Essentials sliding, 2-level shelf.

It was slightly more expensive than the others, but worth every single penny to be able to slide each drawer out!

Another major issue we had was towels. Does anyone else’s camper look like madness after a day or two? Towels every where inside and outside draped over awnings. It was driving me crazy, not to mention the towels that weren’t drying in the bathroom or that were stuffed under the seats inside.

After endless research, we landed on this Candora 24″ towel bar with room to stack towels on top, hang them to dry or to hang clothes from before/after taking a shower.

We still need to move our IKEA bar with the containers down, but because that’s mounted with command strips it will be easy peasy!

Tell us, what space-saving ideas do you have for your camper? We want to know!

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