Getting ready to camp

When it starts getting warm outside, it means it’s time to start getting the camper ready for the first trip of the season. This year our first trip will be to North Bend Park near Boydton, Va. It’s a pretty desolate area, so we need to make sure the camper is fully stocked with food, activities and anything we might need in the wilderness.

The first thing I do is print out our handy check list for inside the camper. I know there will be at least 17 comments about something I’m missing, and I welcome that, but these are the “inside” items we can’t seem to live without.

I also *try* to wash all of the floor mats. Usually, the sheets are clean and stored so I don’t have to worry about those. The weekend before we go, I try to make all of the beds. I used to do it when we arrived at the site, but arrival time can be hectic.

Another big prep item for every trip is the menu. I try to create a menu plan each time we head out. Once I have the menu ready, I can create the grocery list.

I generally create a list of items to buy and a separate list of items to bring from home. If we are camping often, I will get a set of condiments and typical camping items just for the camper, but with prices sky high right now, we aren’t camping quite as much.

Once I do my shop, I load items straight into the camper and try to organize them in these clear bins. They can be pricey, but they really do make life easier. We also use stands and stacking bins to maximize space. I love the clear bins so much that I’ve started using them in the house.

From there, it’s all about the clothes. I usually get a clothes basket and pack for everyone at once. It saves on the 20 trips back and forth.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful for your next trip. Let me know what you do to get ready to camp in the comments below!

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