Massey's Landing RV Resort and Campground Review

We had a wonderful time at Massey’s Landing in Millsboro, Delaware. It is definitely a resort-style campground and that’s exactly what we were looking for during this trip. 

I spent more time than I’d like to admit in the swim-up bar and I loved that there was an adult section as well as a kid-only section. It might the first time I’ve ever been in a campground pool and not gotten splashed, that is until I ordered a special drink that ended with me getting doused with very cold water.

The way this campground was set up made it very convenient to get around. Most of the activities were located in the middle which meant you really didn’t need a golf cart if you strategically picked your location. If you want to spend more time at the beach, pick a spot near the beach. If you want to spend more time in the family pool, pick a quiet spot on the other end. 

There were a number of activities including movies, crafts, games and a daily kid’s camp. We were very impressed with the staff and helpful nature of everyone at this campground. We might have accidentally taken the wrong golf cart home from the pool one afternoon and the employee who knocked on our door was very nice about getting it back. I mean, they all look exactly the same. 

We also thoroughly enjoyed our time at Rehoboth Beach and Funland. We visited Ocean City later in the week and I actually preferred Rehoboth. It was less crowded and a little cleaner. The kids are already begging to go back. That’s how you know it was a good time. I highly recommend planning a trip to Massey’s Landing as soon as you can! 


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