Long-Weekend Meal Planner

We do a lot of long-weekend camping and while it’s only a few days, we still like to mix it up with the food. This meal planner was made specifically for a beach trip with great local seafood, but if that isn’t available where you are going, you could always bring frozen shrimp and make a different type of taco! 

Breakfast: bacon/pancake sticks
Lunch: Ham and pimento cheese sammies
Dinner: Shrimp foil packets (corn red potatoes)

Breakfast: Egg and sausage rollups
Lunch: Shrimp salad sandwiches (from leftover shrimp)
Dinner: Fish tacos

Breakfast: Sausage and egg sammies
Lunch: Hatch chile wraps from Trader Joes
Dinner: Pork BBQ (make ahead and freeze) and potato salad (from leftover shrimp boil)

Breakfast: French toast casserole (make ahead)

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