Camping Meal Planner #1

When we go camping on longer trips we like to make a meal plan. If we don’t, we inevitably forget something or eat out more than we should. I’m all about efficiency, so I try to choose meals that we can have leftovers for lunch or that can be turned into a new meal. I also try to prep and freeze as much as possible. I do them all the weekend before we leave and freeze them in a Ziploc bag to save space in the fridge. The most important thing about this tip is to freeze it flat so it saves space in the freezer and defrosts quickly.

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese hash brown scramble
Lunch: Italian pasta salad – delicious hard salami mixed with made-ahead penne, mozzarella and Italian dressing
Dinner: Cheese-stuffed burgers – beef burgers stuffed with a square of white cheddar are frozen

Breakfast: Pancakes and sausage
Lunch: Leftover burgers
Dinner: Fajitas – chopped bell peppers, onions and slicked chicken are mixed with taco seasoning and frozen flat.

Breakfast: Cinnamon bun pancakes – in this easy breakfast, flatten and grill canned cinnamon buns then watch as the sugary topping melts on the plate.
Lunch: Quesadillas – cheese and leftover fajitas melted together in flour tortillas.
Friday: Steak bites – these delicious and tender steak bites were a last-minute addition to the menu. The steaks were cut into cubes, seasoned and frozen for easy cooking.

Breakfast: Steak breakfast burritos – leftover steak made these egg and salsa verde burritos sing.
Lunch: Roast beef sandwiches
Dinner: Stromboli/Pizza – you can buy a frozen pizza or make your own and grill it in a cast iron pan or flat-top grill.

Breakfast: Cinnamon-sugar donuts – Pop can biscuits are fried until golden brown in a cast iron pan then smothered in cinnamon and sugar.
Lunch: BBQ chicken sandwiches – Split chicken breasts marinated in tangy BBQ sauce and frozen flat.
Dinner: Buffalo chicken wraps – The spicy shredded chicken for these wraps was made ahead and frozen then mixed with whipped cream cheese the day-of eating.

2 thoughts on “Camping Meal Planner #1

  1. I am 71 and live alone, and camp usually alone. I intend to make a lg batch of homemade baked beans, a lg batch of mac n cheese from scratch, I am going to experiment with putting them in qt size zip lock freezer bags, which I will drop into boiling water for about 20 minutes when camping, or microwave at home.


  2. I think that's a great idea. We've tried making omelets in a bag and it totally worked. We often use a food saver and freeze meals like pork bbq then thaw them in lightly boiling water.


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