Camper Hack: Make it feel like home

Your camper might never be quite as comfortable as home, but it should be welcoming enough to make you want to come back. There’s no point in spending so much money on a travel trailer if you don’t use it.

One item that really helped make the camper feel a little more like home was this Ruggable carpet.

You guys, there are too many reasons to list why this item is a must have! First, we all know camper floors get crazy dirty!

All the mud and sand that gets tracked inside is ridiculous. I feel like all we do is sweep. Well after each trip, you can lift the carpet up, wash it, and put it back.  Thanks to the bottom mat, the carpet also stays in place, which is very helpful with kids running around.

If you camp in cold weather, the rug is also a lifesaver for cold feet. We tried just using slippers, but slippers for a family of four take up a lot of room in a travel trailer.

If you want one item to make your camper feel more like home, this is it!

Sleep is a very important thing, and after just one night in our camper I knew we needed to make a change if I was going to spend any additional nights in the camper.

The mattress was brand new so I purchased a pretty affordable egg crate to put on top. It helped a bit, but my hips and shoulders were still sore in the morning. Sidebar: This purchase also led me to a mini-hack. Definitely buy those straps that hold the sheets on. Otherwise someone will wake up on the bare egg crate and very grumpy.

In the end, we ended up buying a full-size 4″ memory foam mattress topper for about $80. Talk about a game changer. Every person who owns a travel trailer needs to go buy one right now. You won’t regret it!

Some people may frown on this addition, but it has been a lifesaver for the kids on rainy days! This little television with a DVD player was around $100 and well worth the investment. We purchased this bracket that locked it in place and it also allows us to move it around so the kids can see it from the bunks.

We didn’t have many dvds, but we have a ton of downloadable content. I found a connector that allows us to hook the iPad up to the tv and it works great! Over the past year we have purchased a few dvds from the red box. They occasionally have really good sale prices. We keep all of them in a cd case. It’s much easier than dealing with all the boxes.

To make the kids more comfortable at night we made the curtains to hang on the bunk openings. On the inside they have their favorite characters on them.

I would love to know how you make your camper feel more like home! Share your ideas in the comments.

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