Camper Hack: Best ways to save space in cabinets

I have spent hours researching the best shelving units to maximize space in small camper cabinets. Do they need to be tall, short, flexible or slide? There are so many options.

The Simple Houseware 2-tier basket system was my first runner up. I appreciated that the baskets slid out, but it wasn’t quite as deep as I was hoping for.

I was so tempted to keep the Surpah’s Expandable Shelf because it has removable parts that work around pipes under the sink. I needed something a bit bigger, but I really did like the flexibility of it.

I also looked at the Lynk Double Shelf Organizer. It had the sliding mechanism, but both shelves had to come out at the same time. It comes in several different sizes and is very sturdy, but I wanted easy access and for each drawer to come out separately. The reviews are also very good.

In the end, I settled on the Household Essentials Glidez2-tier Shelf that gave me the freedom to slide the shelves out individually and it was just deep and wide enough to fit in the cabinet. I did have to prop it up a bit to slide over the lip of the cabinet.

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