Camper Hack #1: Command Strips

After our first trip in the camper I knew we needed to make some organizational updates. I am an efficiency expert and I want to make sure every square inch of space is utilized while still keeping a comfortable and homey feel. We made a few adjustments each trip and now we are planning our first big voyage for spring and I want to make sure everything is ready!

The camper hack we are focusing on today: COMMAND STRIPS. They are your very best friend. And would you believe almost everything can be used with a command strip?

  • Towel bars
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Storage containers
  • Paper Towel holders
  • Broom and cleaning supply holders

The list goes on, and on, and on!

Here are just a few of my favorite Command Strip items we have working now:

The command strip key holder is a MUST for every camper. And this one with the container attached is awesome. We ended up using it so much that we also purchased a cell phone container to go next to it. This will be new for spring and I can’t wait to use it!

We put command strips to serious work inside our cabinets. These are actually command strip storage baskets. We use them for silverware, soap, sponges and hand sanitizer.

On the other side we use these command strip hooks to hang storage bags, aluminum foil and saran wrap. Super handy!

We also use them to hang potholders, which were a surprising necessity.

One thing we always have at home is a hand towel to dry off your hands after washing them in the kitchen sink and it was driving me crazy that we didn’t have one in the camper. Then I found this beauty! This 9″ towel rack is perfect for the front of the refrigerator and it’s just wide enough to help the towel dry quickly. We try not to use hooks for towels because they never dry properly.

This rack with the attached bins is from Ikea and we used command strips to attach it to the wall. If you’ve ever tried to hang anything in a travel trailer, you know it’s hard because you have to attach it to a stud.

New for spring as well is this toilet paper holder! We have always kept the TP out of reach because of the kids, but I’m a little too excited about this addition!

What are your favorite command strip ideas? I would love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Camper Hack #1: Command Strips

  1. Girl….you should have talked with me….I was one step ahead of you! I have command ALL OVER my camper!!! I bought the metal key holder….a little more sturdy for the keys. We actually have USB ports in the bunk beds, so I put up command bins next to the ports for the kids phones. And the best hack of all time is to turn a command hook upside down to hold the cover of the kitchen sink! Message me for a picture of that!!!


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